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【香港人講廣東話 vs 廣東人講廣東話】

“trash can”🇺🇸 定係 “rubbish bin”🇬🇧? “elevator”🇺🇸 定係 “lift”🇬🇧? “fall”🇺🇸 定係 “autumn”🇬🇧? 我哋成日都聽到美式英語同英式英語用字大不同,咁你又知唔知原來香港同廣東省嘅廣東話都有詞彙上的差異?

香港同廣東省嘅廣東話隨著時間同歷史嘅洗禮逐漸演化成唔同嘅詞彙。香港嘅廣東話深受英式英語🇬🇧影響,殖民時代有好多外來詞引入; 另一方面,廣東省嘅廣東話就有好多由普通話🇨🇳翻譯而成的單詞。 所以話,兩地嘅廣東話都各有特色架!你仲諗唔諗到其他例子呢? 歡迎喺下面留言話俾我哋知吖😊

Trash can or rubbish bin? Elevator or lift? Fall or autumn? If you’re an English speaker, you’ve probably encountered these differences in vocabulary between American and British English🇬🇧🇺🇸.

There are in fact vocabulary differences in Cantonese too. Cantonese speakers in Hong Kong and other parts of Guangdong Province have different vocabularies as the language evolved divergently over time. Cantonese in Hong Kong is greatly influenced by British English🇬🇧, with plenty of loanwords from the colonial era. Cantonese in other parts of Guangdong Province, on the other hand, has a lot of words translated from Mandarin🇨🇳. Can you think of more examples?🤔 Please comment down below

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