About Us

WIT develops products and services to enhance and transform children’s learning experience, integrating play, language learning, whole-person development and advanced technology.

WIT promotes bilingualism and multilingualism involving Cantonese, Mandarin and English and the concomitant social, emotional and cognitive benefits.

WIT supports children’s balanced and healthy development in language, mind and brain from infancy through toddlerhood to school age and across the lifespan.

From infancy to infinity suggests
    • lifelong learning, with language learning beginning as early as possible
    • the infant brain has billions of neurons, with the potential to make trillions of connections in response to the input and experience the child receives
    • infinite potential for language learning beginning with bilingual and multilingual infants
    • the importance of maintaining bilingualism across the lifespan, as in the case of heritage and minority languages, to maximize cognitive benefits.