Chairperson’s message

da36314f7ced792327521124ee2d8746WIT Enterprises Ltd came into being as a start-up company with initial funding support from the Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities (TSSSU) which is part of the HKSAR’s Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF). We are a group of award-winning professors, research personnel and alumni of Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) who are passionate about investing in early childhood and realizing children’s full linguistic and cognitive potential. Adopting an evidence-based approach, WIT’s work is supported by four laboratories linking the Hong Kong research community with leading research institutions worldwide: Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre, University of Cambridge-CUHK Joint Laboratory for Bilingualism and CUHK-Peking University-University System of Taiwan Joint Research Centre for Language and Human Complexity.

In particular, we advocate the importance of the preschool years from birth to six, well-recognized as a golden period for language acquisition that also lays the foundation for children’s lifelong learning and development. Children have the ability to learn any of the world’s languages and in different combinations with exposure to dual input. In keeping with recent scientific advancement in understanding how children develop and realize their potential in the early years and global commitments to early childhood development, we are dedicated to quality early childhood education and nurturing bilingual and multilingual children with balanced whole person development as well as healthy mind and brain development. Building on decades of research conducted by our team on how children develop bilingual and multilingual competence in the local, regional and overseas communities, we develop products and services to support quality language education in early childhood in collaboration with teachers, educators and parents.

The name of our company, WIT is an acronym embodying the mission and vision which inspire our products, services and R&D: W stands for We, I for Invest in and T for Tomorrow. Children are our tomorrow. We seek to nurture children from infancy to infinity through different stages of development across the life span and help them build a better future.