WIT English / WIT Mandarin (iOS/Android)

Children’s language learning mobile app (English/Mandarin)

An app to accompany the WIT bilingual playgroup curriculum. Teachers can adjust their teaching according to students’ performance on the app.

Target users: 2 to 3 year-old children

Special feature:
a specially designed button aims to prevent children from pressing the buttons on the screen and thus losing focus during lessons

Thematic learning:
– 100 high frequency words are chosen based on research.
– 10 theme-based topics about everyday life.
– Topics include animals, shapes, etc., which children find interesting.
– An audio recording of the vocabulary or sentence is played upon pressing
on the interactive images.
– Both words and sentences are available for each topic, for example,
“panda”, “I am mommy panda” and “I love to eat bamboo”.
– Progress in a child’s learning is displayed on the right hand side of the
interface to encourage children to try out different themes and complete
the vocabulary section.
– Videos featuring a teacher singing songs reinforce the theme (Mandarin
version only).

– Children listen to the target word and choose the image that matches the
– Parents and teachers can easily track children’s progress, encourage children to explore different topics, and conduct frequent revision.

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