FREE ebook about COVID-19

Children are our future. As scholars and parents, we are concerned about the growth and development of our children. During the coronavirus outbreaks, children asked many questions like, “Why am I studying at home?”, “Why should I wear a mask when going out?”

Created by My First Skool and adapted by WIT, the ebook – “COVID-19 – through a child’s eyes” is now available to you free of charge. We hope it can answer some of your children’s questions.

Adapted by WIT, the ebook COVID-19 – through a Child’s Eyes is available in both Chinese and English. Audio recordings in Cantonese, Mandarin and English are also included.

We believe this ebook will strengthen children’s awareness of COVID-19 and show them how to protect themselves and others. Love connects us even amidst a pandemic.

Hope you enjoy the ebook along with the audio!

Stay safe and healthy!!

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