FREE ebook about COVID-19

We believe that children are our future. As scholars and parents, we are concerned about the growth of our children. During the coronavirus outbreak, children ask many questions like, “Why am I studying at home?”, “Why should I wear a mask when going out?”

Created by My First Skool and launched by WIT, the ebook – “COVID-19 – through a child’s eyes” is now available to you free of charge. We hope it can answer your children’s questions.

Written by Professor Virginia Yip, a renowned linguistics professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the ebook is available in both Chinese and English. Audio recordings in Cantonese, Mandarin and English are also included.

We believe this ebook will strengthen children’s awareness of COVID-19 and teach them how to protect themselves and others. Love connects us even amidst a pandemic.

Hope you enjoy the ebook along with the audio!

Stay safe and healthy!!