Sci-Fi Story Book (with VR activity)


Science-fiction stories bring children into a world of fantasy. Reading science-fiction stories not only
brings enjoyment, but also helps develop children’s creativity and imagination. WIT, in collaboration with Stanley Chan, has published a science-fiction storybook that touches upon the elements of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and technology. Stanley Chan, one of the most notable
sci-fi authors of this generation and renowned for his realist and new wave style, has been dubbed “China’s William Gibson”. WIT is pleased to collaborate with Stanley Chan to adapt his novels for a younger audience. A team of linguists has worked closely together to tailor-make the story specifically for children to learn and acquire  vocabulary and new concepts.. A series of questions and activities for parents and children is designed to engage readers in further exploration and discussion beyond the story.

The first book of the series, The Magical Companion was adapted from Jimmy which
first appeared in the July 2007 edition in the World Science Fiction Expo. One
of the key science fiction elements is virtual reality.Using a series of high-tech equipment and instruments, VR creates a magical fantasy world for children and adults alike.

By putting on a pair of magical glasses, we can meet people we would not be able to meet in real life, and experience things we would not be able to otherwise. The beauty of the virtual reality world can give us hope in the real world, create lasting friendships, and bring changes to our lives.

What you see may not be true and what you feel may not be untrue, but technology can bring us together beyond imagination. We hope that the story can inspire children to embark on a journey of fun and wonder.

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